Chip Level Repairing

Chip-Level-Repairing in sadulpur
Laptops and notebooks are made up of many different hardware parts, and none of these works well enough to create a problem. Your laptop computer is not working. To diagnose the problem and solve it, you have to go to the root cause.
For computer, laptop, desktop, and printer repair services, you can use IT Guru Live, a service you can trust for all types of computer, laptop, desktop, and printer repair. Proper arrangements are available. You Can Call IT Guru Live Customer Care To Schedule An Appointment. Your issue is something that can be discussed.
IT Guru Live is a Chip Level Repairing Expert. We provide dedicated IT services with proactive solutions to suit the demands of the future. How do we continually tailor our infrastructure to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies and ensure that our clients are working on the latest for greater productivity?
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Since last year, I have been taking the service of Guru Live, and today I can say that my IT Guru has given me the right name. Thank you, Guruji.
Ravindra Chawariya
Chawariya Emitra Rajgarh

Yes, repairs are done on all types of laptops by the Dell company if there is any problem with them.

Yes, bezels for all types of laptops are available on the market and also online.

Yes, this model can have Windows 7 installed. Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows, so you can switch to Windows 10.

Windows 10 and Windows 7 are fast, but Windows 7 support has been stopped by Microsoft from 2020.