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Have you recently changed offices or homes, or have you just changed your ISP (internet service provider)? Do you need internet access for home use or for your business or need to get your network printer, scanner, or photocopy machine configured to be rooted to the computer for this type of service? You need a moment. If need be, contact IT Guru Live today and get a solution for every single network problem.
Because Network is the heart of any enterprise or company
👉 If we work in an office and there is a printer installed inside that office, we can share that printer with different computers without any extra charge. Then contact IT Guru Live
networking setup in sadulpur
Have you ever needed technical support for your office or home network? Is your wireless connection bad? Maybe your router works intermittently, giving its settings all the time when a network share is on hide most of the time. If so, then call us. IT guru live you have your agri intrusion Will provide you with peace of mind with knowledge of prevention and network management. will make your network secure. We will ensure that your network is protected against attacks such as wireless intruders and hackers. If you need an expert for this type of security, then call us today.
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Customer Reviews and FAQ
We have done the networking of the entire bank with IT Guru LIVE and their response is very satisfactory.
CZUC, Bank
CZUC, Bank

Yes, one printer can be connected to ten different computers and print from each one.

Yes, Any folder files or hardware such as printers can be accessed by software through the network.