Operating System Formatting

The laptop repeatedly comes up with a blue screen. .dll gets lost from the system, which keeps bothering you. Frequent software crashes make you miss the NEW PC you unpacked 3 years ago. The format actually means a medium of data storage for reading and writing, we have seen, the driver organizes. Once you format the hard disk, it erases all the information on it. Deep testing it to make sure all sectors are reliable and identify bad sectors and create an internal address system which is later used to locate the information.
👉 Should the system be formatted every month?

Ans:- When you feel that the computer is working slowly or you see any problem, then you should get the system checked and format the system only with the advice of an expert.

👉 Does forwarding make any difference in computer speed?

Ans: If the partition on the computer in which the operating system is installed, formatted, and reinstalled, then there is a lot of difference in the speed of the computer. The speed of the computer becomes faster than before.

how to os installation in pc
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Yes, repairs are done on all types of laptops by the Dell company if there is any problem with them.

Yes, bezels for all types of laptops are available on the market and also online.

Yes, this model can have Windows 7 installed. Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows, so you can switch to Windows 10.

Windows 10 and Windows 7 are fast, but Windows 7 support has been stopped by Microsoft from 2020.