Computer/Laptop Motherboard Repairing

A motherboard is the part of your computer that we call the “heart.” It will not be wrong. If your motherboard is bad, then your computer will not work properly. The motherboard is found inside the desktop cabinet. A computer motherboard consists of a processor chipset and a BIOS (basic input output system). The process used on the motherboard decides the type of Central Processing Unit, i.e. CPU, and type of cabinet. The bridges that are in the chipset of the computer motherboard.
North Bridge or South Bridge. These bridges control the flow of knowledge across the desktop. The basic functioning of the computer is controlled by the computer BIOS. A real-time clock is also another major component of a desktop motherboard. Slots and ports on a computer motherboard connect external devices to the computer, such as sound cards and graphics cards. 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
👉Can Asus company’s motherboard repair be done in Sadulpur?

Yes, the Asus company’s motherboard can be repaired in Sadulpur. The address on IT Guru Live is in that direction. 

👉Can my Dell laptop be repaired because it isn’t making any sound?

Yes, you can follow the basic steps yourself, in which your problem can be solved. First of all, you go to the website of your laptop company. As you said, your laptop belongs to the Dell company, then you go to the website of the Dell company. Enter the model number of your laptop and flat the sound driver, from there you can install the driver of the sound and after that your problem will be almost solved by restarting your computer, if still your problem is not solved then you You can call on IT Guru Live support number or contact us at the address given below

Chip Level Repairing in sadulpur
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